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Innocent Hugo Lloris quote apparently a big deal

Saying that you'd like to advance your career if your current employer is not able to help you do that is not a bad thing.

Paul Gilham

Signing Hugo Lloris seemed like a pretty big coup when Tottenham Hotspur pulled it off and it doesn't seem like any less of a coup now. He had some shaky moments in the immediate aftermath of his head injury, but he's been a rock for most of his time with Spurs, establishing himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League. Some have argued -- at least while Andre Villas-Boas was manager -- that he was more important to the team than Jan Vertonghen or Sandro.

Surprise: He's going to consider his other options if Tottenham Hotspur don't make Champions League this season. Here's a quote from Telefoot, in English from the London Evening Standard.

"The objective is to reach the Champions League. After that, it's to close the gap on the biggest teams in the league. Without Champions League football? I've not thought about it. I must weigh things up at the end of the season."

Lloris has been regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world for quite some time and it's not surprising that he doesn't want to go another season without playing Champions League football. Especially given the options that could be out there for him.

Even though they appear to have captured Marc Andre ter-Stegen, Barcelona could be in the market for a goalkeeper this summer. I'm not sure that Lloris is actually better than Iker Casillas, but given Casillas' usage under Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti, it wouldn't be shocking if Real Madrid were either. Gigi Buffon hasn't set a retirement date, but he could at any time. Salvatore Sirigu is a very good goalkeeper, but he's not as good as Lloris. Manchester City seem to be less than thrilled with the form of Joe Hart.

Lloris seems happy to stay at Spurs if Spurs are playing at the highest level, but if they're not? Well, we can't blame him for being willing to listen to what's out there. And it's possible that one or more of Barcelona, Madrid, PSG, Juventus or City could have a need for him. If I played for a borderline Champions League club and there was a possibility that one of those clubs could buy me and make me first choice, I'd be non-committal about my current job situation too.

These are the same kinds of things that Gareth Bale and Luka Modric have said about the Champions League and potentially looking elsewhere. Fans may dislike them for how they handled their eventual transfers, but it's ridiculous to knock the sentiment. It's up to the chairman, the manager and the players a notch below world class to give the world class players a reason to stay at Spurs.