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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 27, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with an arms race.

Stu Forster

Happy Monday, Spursland! We don't know who started the war or who fired that fateful first shot. We may never know, but we know now that we are in an arms race and we are active members. £100 million spent in a single window? That was our first real foray into the fray many moons ago and it has been awhile really since Manchester United really went all-in in the arms race. It has really been Chelsea and City going back and forth for awhile with Arsenal and Liverpool having a few big signings here and there. Well we are in it now, boys and girls and I don't know where we will come out on the other end.

And now the "news"

Sandro So Determined- Tottenham Hotspur Official Website

And the sky is blue.

Mata To United Official- SB Nation Soccer

Man United spend close to £40 million for a player that plays the same position all of their players.

8th Division Team Captain Runs Onto Terraces And Throws A Punch After Red Card- SB Nation Soccer

The saddest thing about this video isn't that someone could be so worked up about something that happened while they played in an 8th division game and it isn't even that people paid (I assume) money to see an eighth division game. It's the guy who tries to start the "you fat bastard" chant thinking that A. people who actually show up at this shit take it seriously and B. he could unite these animals who clearly all showed up to heckle the players into one voice under his command.

United Follow up Mata With £22.5 Million Bid For Luke Shaw- The Busby Babe

#Armsrace! But really, if Mata is a great player, an insanely player who fits into a role on the team United already have a ton of amazing players at, Luke Shaw does not. He is a position of serious need. if you ask me, United should have saved like £7 million off the Mata bid and tacked it on to the Shaw bid so they aren't just biding £1.5 million more than Chelsea bid for Shaw.

And before anyone asks yes I am livid that Batista, who has not talent other than allowing Triple H and Ric Flair to put him over huge won the Rumble over Roman Reigns.