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Fulham make expensive striker capture; Berbatov incoming?

If Daniel Levy still wants Dimitar Berbatov at a cut rate, it just became a lot easier to get him.

Steve Bardens

You've heard the rumors a couple times over now. Dimitar Berbatov is not terribly interested in helping Fulham through a tough relegation battle. Daniel Levy thinks he'd be a good cheap depth signing. Tim Sherwood likes what he has, even with Jermain Defoe departing. This was only relevant if Berbatov was for sale, which might actually be the case now.

If you're not familiar with Gianluca Di Marzio yet, imagine that Tancredi Palmeri had some credibility. And unrelated aside, HOLY CRAP THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY FOR MITROGLOU.

Anyway, even though Shad Khan has deep pockets is almost certainly totally willing to lose money to keep Fulham in the Premier League, they'll probably want to clear a striker's wages off the books after making this deal. Berbatov's on pretty big wages and is aging. We'll see some movement on this front in some way, shape or form from Spurs, even if it is a denial of interest.