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Sherwood says two midfielders can leave this window

Please, no.

Paul Gilham

Lewis Holtby and Etienna Capoue can leave Tottenham Hotspur this month if a decent offer comes in, Tim Sherwood said despite my protests and tears. He calls it doing "what's right for the football club.

Both Holtby and Capoue have been linked with moves away from White Hart Lane and apparently the club will let then go.

"I like Lewis, he's a good lad, he's one of the best trainers we've got at the club," said Sherwood.

"I understand, as I do with all players having played the game myself, they all want to play. And if they're not getting a lot of opportunities sometimes you have to be fair to the player, but first and foremost my job is to do what's right for the football club."

It makes sense that Holtby would look for a move elsewhere. With Christian Eriksen in fine form, nearly all of his appearances are going to be off of the bench. Spurs are also well-stocked in attacking midfielders so they won't be left with a gaping hole if he left, but that ignores one huge factor: HE'S MY FAVORITE.

Capoue isn't as much of a luxury as Holtby, especially seeing as Sandro hasn't proven he can be 90 minutes fit match in, match out, but Sherwood hates defensive midfielders anyways so whatever.

"I’m getting to know Etienne now as well so he’s at the forefront of my mind at the moment.

"But we have got a lot of players in that midfield area and if an opportunity does arise, and if it’s right for the club, then we will let players move on."

Sometimes, I hate everything. This is one of those times.