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Tuesday football open thread

Oooh, we've got a good slate.

Chris Brunskill

Friends, it's a good day to be a football fan. There are six Premier League games on, to go along with a Real Madrid game for those who want to watch something different. Also, Copa Libertadores is back! I might be the only person in this community who cares, but I'm listing the games anyway, dang it.

All times listed are GMT/ET.

Manchester United vs. Cardiff - 7:45/2:45
Norwich vs. Newcastle - 7:45/2:45
Southampton vs. Arsenal - 7:45/2:45
Swansea vs. Fulham - 7:45/2:45
Crystal Palace vs. Hull - 8/3
Liverpool vs. Everton - 8/3
Real Madrid vs. Espanyol - 8/3
Oriente Petrolero vs. Nacional - 11/6
Morelia vs. Independiente Santa Fe - 11:15/6:15

This is your open thread, so chat away.