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Holtby exit likely after BVB miss out on alternative target

Borussia Dortmund could up their interest in Lewis Holtby after they had a bid for a similar player rejected by AC Milan.

Paul Gilham

UPDATE: Holtby to BVB deal reportedly off

If you're wondering where Borussia Dortmund's reported interest in Lewis Holtby came from, it's possible that was a backup plan. And if he was Dortmund's primary backup plan, he might have just become their primary target. Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano, who works for Goal and Gianluca Di Marzio, indicated that Inter Milan have rejected a bid for Mateo Kovacic, who is very similar to Holtby and would play a similar role for BVB.

Once again, here's a translation comes from SB Nation's Jack Sargeant.

"It's right and sensible that Inter reject Borussia Dortmund's offer for Kovacic. He is important. Not to be touched. Sacrosanct."

Since Jack gets to watch a lot more Serie A than I do and knows a lot more about the politics within each club and fanbase, I asked him for his opinion about this rumor and Romano's tweet.

Inter are really short on creativity in their midfield, let alone on young talent. And above all else, he looks like he could be a really great player. Mazzarri doesn't give him enough playing time because he hates young players, but he's already better than Zdravko Kuzmanovic. Also, his sale could start a riot.

This is bad news for Spurs fans who don't want Holtby to leave and good news for Spurs if they're hoping to cash in on the German international. If you missed it earlier today, Tim Sherwood said that Holtby could be allowed to leave for the right offer. If Inter have informed Dortmund that Kovacic absolutely will not be sold, that right offer could be forthcoming.