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Holtby transfer off?

Borussia Dortmund don't want to pay anything for Lewis Holtby, apparently.

Lars Baron

Earlier, we speculated that Borussia Dortmund could step up their interest in Lewis Holtby after Inter Milan rejected their bid for Mateo Kovacic, a very similar type of player. They might have stepped up their interest, but they're not willing to pay the price that Tottenham is demanding to sell Holtby, even though it's a very reasonable figure. Walter Straten of Bild indicated in a Twitter conversation with Raphael Hönigstein and others that the move is off.

And a translation.

"Deal is officially dead. Tottenham required a transfer fee of €6m for Holtby. It was too much for BVB."

I know BVB are cheap, but wow! That is exceptionally cheap!

I'm pretty big fan of Holtby regardless of what Tim Sherwood thinks of him and I hope this means that he's not going anywhere. He's a good player. Hopefully he reaches his potential while in a Tottenham Hotspur shirt. And hopefully this leads to us not spending money on Fredy Guarin.