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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 29, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with a match!

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Stu Forster

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Oh thank god it's over. The boys are back, finally. Good thing we have a nice easy game to knock off some of that rust!

And now the "news"

Transfers Unlikely, Says Sherwood- Sky Sports

Well if that is true, Timmy, then why is Kevin posting a new transfer story what seems like every 3 minutes? Yeah (Tom), riddle me that, Tim.

Tottenham Uncover Plan For Rogue Transfer Using Forged Signatures And Shady Croatians- Telegraph.

A forged signature? Like a forgery artist like Steven Colbert played in one episode of Law and Order? Because I don't think it would need to be nearly that in-depth. I can recognize exactly two signatures, mine and my fathers. I watched him sign a lot of notes sent home from the teacher when I was a kid. But that is it. You could draw a circle around and x and hand it to me and say "the Pope signed this" and I would have no way of knowing.

Mick McCarthy With The Line Of The Season- SB Nation Soccer

More like line of my life.

Aaron Ramsey Out Another 2 Months- The Short Fuse

That sound you are hearing is Sabs clawing at the walls in rage.

Everton Fans Are Not Having Fun- SB Nation

These, these are our brothers.

Grand Jury Set To Re-Investigate Death Of Superfly Jimmy Snuka's Girlfriend- Cageside Seats

I have never heard of this Grand Jury guy. Strange name, but he must be a hell of a detective to think he can solve a case that is literally 31 years old.