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Writers Prediction League: Tottenham vs. Manchester City

The writers at Cartilage Free Captain predict the result for Tottenham Hotspur's match vs. Manchester City.

Clive Brunskill

Dominant. Tottenham Hotspur had a sterling performance in their last league match, defeating Swansea City 3-1 at the Liberty Stadium. Emmanuel Adebayor was spectacular, giving the sort of performance that Tottenham has looked for out of its strikers all season. The result came with Spurs playing in a 4-2-3-1 formation, proving that the 4-4-2 is neither Sherwood's only formation nor the key to Spurs' improved attacking success. However, can they survive a tough midweek challenge?

The challenge will come in hosting Manchester City. The Citizens sit 2nd in the table, winning every league match since December 5th. The team has been prolific in attack, by far the league leaders in goals scored. The striker trio of Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, and Alvaro Negredo have tallied 29 combined league goals, while Yaya Toure, Jesus Navas, and David Silva are an incredibly formidable midfield. Any weaknesses may be defensive, as goalkeeper Joe Hart has yet to prove himself a consistently reliable stopper.

As for the Prediction League, correct predictions kept things tight at the top.. The rules remain the same in the Prediction League--one point for a correct prediction and a bonus point for getting the score correct. Here are the current standings:

Name Score
Mechanick 18
The Sleeper's Sleep 17
Ed 16
Petrilli 16
MCofA 15
Lennon's Eyebrow 15
Uncle Menno 14
Skipjack 14
Ashlock 13
Kevin 13
Ryan 13
The Roosevelts


This week's predictions:

Ed: I was wondering what especial claim Citeh have to the 'City' name, but then I realised that it's perfectly fair for the team actually supported by people in that area to have it. 3-2 Spurs.

Kevin: 4-1 City and I will for realsies cry

Mechanick: I'm feeling a shootout, but nothing is decided. 2-2 Draw

Ryan: She's fabulous, but she's evil. City 3-1.

Ashlock: I remember that there was a time when I was decent at this prediction league thing. This season is just too weird. So, 3-2 Spurs.

The Roosevelts: 4-2 City, because the WWE hates Daniel Bryan.

Lennon's Eyebrow: I consulted with @BoringMilner. And he told me: "If Man City score more goals than Tottenham, Man City will win. But if Tottenham score more goals than Man City, then Tottenham will win. It's also possible for both teams to score the same number of goals. If that happens nobody will win. It will be a draw."
2-1 Spurs.

Petrilli: 2-1 Spurs. Why not?

Uncle Menno: City is vulnerable on the road. Not THAT vulnerable, but vulnerable. 1-1 Draw and there was much celebration. (Yaaaaaaaaaay...)

MCofA: 2-1 City. Analysis.

The Sleeper's Sleep: Wait, you're saying we have to play City again? 3-2 Man City.

Skipjack: 2-1 Spurs. I sherwood like a win.

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