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Italy youngster's agent denies Spurs interest

This came out of nowhere. Lorenzo Insigne's agent is bored.

Giuseppe Bellini

I had not heard that Tottenham Hotspur are interested in buying Lorenzo Insigne from any outlet that I would consider to be even semi-reputable, but his agent has decided to issue a denial about Tottenham's potential interest anyway. The Mirror thinks the story originated at SportsDirect News, but I can't find their story. Anyway, via Football Italia, here's what Insigne's agent had to say.

"I have read the rumours in the papers, but I have not received a call from anyone. Baldini is an admirer of Lorenzo, but no one from Tottenham has contacted me. Lorenzo wants to stay in Naples for a long time. We can only see his future being in Naples."

Lorenzo Insigne isn't even getting a ton of playing time at Napoli right now, but that's mostly because Rafa Benitez is a horrible demon manager who hates young players almost as much as he hates fun.

He's a really nice player who is probably going to develop into an excellent player, but he wouldn't start for Spurs now and I can't imagine Aurelio De Laurentiis would sell him for less than a metric eff-ton of money.