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Holtby's agent expects Spurs exit

Will he go to Germany? Another English club? Will it be a loan? A transfer? No one knows, but Lewis Holtby is set for the exit.

Julian Finney

Update: Lewis Holtby is in London and Christoph Metzelder is full of it.

No one seems to be able to confirm with absolute certainty if Lewis Holtby is actually in Germany or not. Or if Borussia Dortmund or Schalke is a more likely destination for him. Or if he's leaving Tottenham Hotspur on loan or a permanent transfer.

But it does seem like Holtby's going somewhere. According to Paul Hirst of the Press Association, Holtby's agent expects an exit. Also, Hirst thinks Holtby is in London.

This has been a very strange transfer saga, since there hasn't been a clear destination or type of exit specified at all. It kind of just seems like Spurs want him to GTFO. Kind of rude, given how handsome he is.

We'll continue to post updates on this because we need to track Lewis' every movement.