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Napoli's latest offer rejected

Etienne Capoue could exit, but the deal isn't close to done yet.

Paul Gilham

Remember when we heard that Napoli had bid €10.5m for Etienne Capoue and told Tottenham Hotspur that it was their final offer? Well, apparently that story was bogus. Spurs and Napoli appear to be continuing negotiations, and according to David Hytner of The Guardian, Napoli's latest bid was for €10m. That bid was rejected. Spurs are holding out for €14m, or £11.5m, according to Hytner.

Hytner makes a good point about why Capoue is a top target for Napoli and why they haven't turned to their most obvious alternative.

Benítez is eager to add balance to his Napoli team with the signing of a defensive midfielder and he has tracked the Brazilian, Ralf, of Corinthians. But Italian law places limits on the number of non-EU players that can sign and, with Napoli poised to get the Brazilian defender, Henrique, from Palmeiras, they will not have the room for Ralf, as well. Capoue is now the No1 target.

Capoue was purchased for £11m this summer, so it makes sense that Spurs are asking to make a small profit to move him on. However, as we've pointed out quite a few times here, he appears to be at the bottom of Tim Sherwood's pecking order. If he's not going to play at all for the rest of the season, his value is only going to go down. It only makes sense to keep him if Daniel Levy's already decided to bin Sherwood and identified a replacement who likes Capoue.

Everyone's posturing because there are two days left in the window. They'll probably agree on €12m and get the deal done late on Friday night.