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Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Pick your team for the FA Cup

We haven't done this in a while, mostly because there's been no need for it.

Bryn Lennon

We used to do posts asking the community to pick their team quite frequently. We haven't done too many of these this season for a couple of related reasons. One, Andre Villas-Boas took the Europa League very seriously and he wasn't ever going to use a team full of kids like Harry Redknapp did. Two, our Europa League opponents were much weaker than usual and we had qualification for the knockout stage virtually locked up early, so you all would have suggested playing all of the youth players anyway. This would have sparked a back and forth of "this is the thing that pisses me off about AVB" vs. "Come on support the manager" that would have been annoying.

Anyway, there's actually something to debate for the FA Cup game against Arsenal. Were we playing a lower division or bottom-half team, we'd all be gung-ho about playing a second XI, but this is a derby away to our biggest rival. At the same time, Spurs have played four games in the last couple of weeks and have a lot of injuries. Some dudes are tired, and we can't afford to have them get hurt. For those who haven't seen it yet, here's who's available and who isn't.

What do you want to see Spurs do against Arsenal? There's a poll below and I'm interested in the results, but I'd like to see everyone's choice XI in the comments. I'm not sure how everyone's feeling about this game and how it should be approached.