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Arsenal join Spurs, Liverpool in winger race?

Because every player has to be linked to all three teams, right?

Scott Heavey

Yevhen Konoplyanaka's agent is working the phones, trying to get a big English club to come in for his client. He's not confirming or denying anything, except that Liverpool are interested. The other team (or teams) could be Spurs or Arsenal. ESPN FC, take it away!

"Yesterday, I had a long and productive conversation with the chairman of another English club. The chances of Yevhen moving to England soon are very high. His club might be Liverpool or another English club. Asked if the other team is Arsenal, the agent added: "I will not mention the name of the club. In the near future, you will hear it."

This also has some quotes from Tim Sherwood on the matter, and they're typical Spurs manager transfer nonsense. He won't commit to signing anyone or not signing anyone. He says Spurs aren't looking to do any business but could do some business. You know, the usual.

"I know him but nothing looks like happening. We'd have to do it now because we've only got two days left. I don't see it happening but that's why we've got people working with us. The chairman here is always asking me if there's anyone we need but I need to make sure they are of the quality we need and not just a body for the sake of it. It's very difficult to change clubs and settle. I would be very cautious if we did anything."

This means nothing and further confirms that Sherwood is very good at this press conference thing.

I'm kind of hoping this transfer is a thing, but I've got a feeling that is agent is just doing agenty things. It's interesting that Sherwood didn't issue an outright denial, but I'd guess that Konoplyanka is Liverpool bound.