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Holtby move to Fulham permanent - report

Well, this is an interesting development.

Paul Gilham

According to the Liverpool Echo, Lewis Holtby's move to Fulham will be on a permanent transfer, not on loan. They say that the fee will be just £5m.

Tottenham midfielder Lewis Holtby is set to join neighbours Fulham, despite recent reports linking him back to the Bundesliga. The midfielder has reached advanced talks, with the fee estimating to be around £5 million.

That translates to €6.1m in Euros, which is the fee that Spurs demanded from Borussia Dortmund for Holtby, which was turned down. If Holtby's agent and Fulham had knowledge of Spurs' asking price for Holtby from Bundesliga clubs, it seems reasonable that they would ask to pay the same fee if they wanted to buy him.

Holtby has struggled quite a bit in his year at Spurs, but he's also shown flashes of brilliance and hasn't been given an extended run in the first team. Spurs will double their money on Holtby if this deal goes through, but it will certainly disappoint Spurs fans to see him leave for such a nominal fee.