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Napoli confident of securing Capoue?

If Napoli aren't confident of getting a deal done for Etienne Capoue, they better have a new alternative in mind.

Michael Regan

A couple of days ago, we heard some grumblings that Napoli might be fairly desperate to lock up Etienne Capoue because of his EU citizen status. The main alternative they were looking at was Ralf from Corinthians, but they could not sign him if they signed another non-EU player, with them only having room for one.

Well, Rafa Benitez and Riccardo Bigon won't be signing Ralf. They've pulled the trigger on a non-EU defender.

Presumably, this means that Napoli have either identified another central midfield target or two with EU citizenship ... or they're really confident that they'll be able to land Capoue.

If Tim Sherwood actually wants Capoue gone, they'd be right to be confident about that, but he did play 45 minutes on Wednesday. Additionally, Mousa Dembele picked up a knock -- the severity of which is to be determined -- and Lewis Holtby appears to be very close to the exit. Unless Spurs have a signing of their own lined up, selling Capoue could leave them thin in the middle, especially if Dembele has to miss a couple of games.

I'm not sure if Capoue is leaving, but it looks a bit more likely with Napoli announcing the signing of Henrique.