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Contradicting reports on Holtby emerge

Contrary to earlier reports that Lewis Holtby would be sold to Fulham, others have emerged that his move will be a loan.

Paul Gilham

Earlier on Thursday, we passed along a report from the Liverpool Echo that stated Lewis Holtby's move from Tottenham Hotspur to Fulham would be a permanent deal, not a loan. The Echo's reporter cited the fee as £5m, or roughly what Spurs asked Borussia Dortmund to pay for him. However, Germany believes otherwise. They say that Holtby's move is a loan and does not have an option to buy.

Fulham und Tottenham haben sich auf eine Ausleihe bis zum Saisonende verständigt. Fulham besitzt dabei keine Kaufoption.

It's tough to know who to believe at this point. I can't come up with a reason to believe that a Liverpool Echo reporter would be more or less likely to have information on a transfer between Fulham and Spurs than a German reporter for Goal. Where's Ben Pearce, David Hytner, Phil McNulty or Duncan Castles? Help us out, guys.

Spurs fans would certainly be more comfortable with a loan than a sale, and I hope that Goal's report is true.