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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for January 31, 2014

Daily Tottenham Hotspur links, today on Dimitar Berbatov, Paulinho, refusing to play and the race for 4th.

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Jamie McDonald

Happy Friday Spursland! Come on, can we just get to the bottom of this Holtby thing? It's a permanent! it's a loan! It's a permanent! It's a loan! This is like all ten seasons of friends compressed into like two weeks. Ross and Rachel will they won't they. They Will! They won't. They Will! They won't. THIS SHIT COULD HAVE BEEN WRAPPED UP BY 1999!

And now the "news"

Berba Wants Tottenham Return-Telegraph

He wants it. I hope Baby Come Back is just playing on loop as he sits in his house waiting for his agent to call him. Serves him right.

Paulinho Watches Spurs Lose 5-1 Then Watches old Club Lose 5-1-Here in The City

Well i guess we solved that problem, we sell the cursed Paulinho off to a team in like Haiti where people can appreciate his voodoo magic, and then all our problems are solved. That or maybe that new Miami team. I think there was an episode of Dexter with Voodoo in it right?

Racing Standard's Players Refuse To Play Until Paid, The Fans Are On Their Side-SB Nation Soccer

Barca and Real fans can crow all they want about how the teams in La Liga are better than the EPL but Spanish football outside the top handful of teams is completely fucked up. It's as messed up as the parenting from tat one women with the mildly chubby daughter in the help. God that was a great movie. But seriously if something isn't done in Spain that league is going to become an abscess on the body football.

Look At The 4th Place Contenders-SB Nation Soccer

An exceedingly fair portrait painted of us. Dare I say it's friendly?

Everton Capture Giant Striker-SB Nation Soccer

I bet Lebron would have been the best striker in the world should he have gone that route at a young age, but what about true giants? Manute Bol? Andre The Giant? Giant Gonzalez? OK not Giant Gonzalez.