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January transfer deadline day 2014: Tottenham Hotspur potential arrivals, departures and pipe dreams

The twice-yearly series has returned.

Jamie McDonald

You may remember that over the last two windows, we've done a deadline day series called 'Potential arrivals, departures and pipe dreams' to kick off deadline day. We're doing it again.

Tim Sherwood has said that he doesn't anticipate Tottenham Hotspur doing much business, which may or may not be true. It seems like we're back to the days of the manager throwing out misdirection and Daniel Levy waiting until deadline day to finalize business. We probably won't make any blockbuster signings, but we should do more business than Sherwood says we will.

Transfer deadline day is about speculation all day long, even after clubs make official announcements. We want to partake, and we want to do it responsibly. This StoryStream includes a collection of profiles on players who could exit the club today, players who could conceivably come in, and guys who will only come to Tottenham today in our wildest dreams. Each will be clearly labeled as such.