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Spurs battling Inter Milan for Manchester United winger

Get out of the way, Inter.

Lars Baron

Tottenham Hotspur want Nani, says the Metro, but they have competition. Inter Milan also want to take the Manchester United winger on loan, leaving the two clubs to battle for his services.

According to the Metro, Inter are offering to cover all of Nani's wages for the duration of the loan, while Spurs are offering to do the same as well as paying a loan fee. If their report is to be believed, Tim Sherwood has identified Nani as a top target for deadline day and desperately wants him to give him another option in the race for fourth.

Nani is on £95,000 per week wages so offering to pay that, as well as a fee, is a massive outlay for Spurs.

This proposed move isn't likely to go over too well with the supporters, who has spent years watching Nani dive and fall short of expectations at United, but he is still magnificently talented. Could Sherwood be the man to get the best out of the Portuguese, match in, match out?

On one hand, paying such a fat sum of money for a temperamental player that will only be around six months seems silly. Even if he dazzles, all it does is prime him for United next season or allow them to sell him for more in the summer. But if Nani can be the difference between making the Champions League and returning to the Europa League, the financial windfall more than covers what the club would pay United and the player for the loan.