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Berbatov's agent in town, but where is the striker going?

Will Spurs be reunited with their old flame?

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Ian Walton

Dimitar Berbatov's agent is in London to secure the striker's move away from Fulham, but where he goes is still up in the air, according to the Telegraph. Tottenham Hotspur are hoping to bring the Bulgarian back to White Hart Lane, but Besiktas are also in the mix as Berbatov weighs how important long-term security is to him.

Spurs are apparently offering to pay Berbatov's £80,000 per week wages for the remainder of the season, which would take the striker until the end of his contract. Then Tottenham can possibly sign him back, if they would like, or the 33-year-old Berbatov could look elsewhere. Berbatov would prefer to remain in London until the summer, but that doesn't do much for him long-term.

That's where Besiktas comes in.

The Turkish club are offering to give Berbatov a multi-year contract, presumably at very nice wages, giving Berbatov a fat bank account into his mid-30's. Whether that offer will still be there come the summer remains to be seen so the striker might have to make the move now or risk millions of pounds over the next few years.

Spurs are obviously in need of a striker. Emmanuel Adebayor and Roberto Soldado will be the team's only established strikers once Jermain Defoe leaves next month, which doesn't bode well for a team with a manager who prefers to play with two strikers. Harry Kane is also an option, but who knows what Spurs can get out of him. Spurs do know what they will get from Berbatov, even if that's the occasional smoke break.

It looks pretty clear that Berbatov will not be staying in Fulham. His agent has said as much and is in London ready to secure a move to wherever the striker chooses, but exactly where that is is a toss up.