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Possible Tottenham Hotspur departures: Lewis Holtby

Lewis Holtby looks set for a move to Fulham -- the only question is whether it is a sale or a loan.

Jamie McDonald

This post is part of a deadline morning series on potential Tottenham transfers.You can find all of the posts in the series right here, as well as the initial post explaining this series right here.

I love Lewis Holtby and this is the most painful thing I've had to deal with as a Tottenham supporter since we sold Luka Modric so I'm going to keep this short. It hurts too much.

Quick bio: Holtby is a near perfect human being. If you can think up anything you would like from a person, he is that times 10, but let's run through a few particulars:

- He is German, but born to an English father, who was in the Royal Air Force.

- He joined Tottenham from Schalke last January.

- He is, ideally, an attacking midfielder, but can play deeper and, only in a pinch, on the wing.

- He is perfect.

Age: 23

Likelihood he'll play if he stays: Nothing would change in his playing time if he stays, with him making semi-regular appearances off the bench, but he won't start often as long as Christian Eriksen is at the club.

Potential suitors: Fulham

Price if he's sold: £6 million

Loan or sale? That is the big question right now. Holtby is still only 23 years old and supremely talented so it would be a shame to see him sold for relatively cheap now. If he is allowed to go on loan, he can come back and play next season for Spurs or, if he impresses, can be sold in the summer for eight figures.

The verdict - Will he be an active Tottenham player on February 1? Not a chance in hell.