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Spurs target goes off on Twitter

Did Fredy Guarin just get a bit easier to sign?

Valerio Pennicino

Fredy Guarin has been linked to Tottenham Hotspur, among other clubs, during the January transfer window. Inter Milan have negotiated potential sales and swap deals, with none coming to fruition. Guarin never wanted to leave, but now that he's been transfer listed, he'd really like to get this over with. He's gone off the handle on Twitter, though it's much more reasonable and tame than Darren Bent's famous "stop f---ing around Levy".

A translation, via The Mirror, which I've been assured is mostly accurate. I've made a change to the first sentence.

"Inter, it is you who put me up for sale without me asking. I was feeling calm and good at the club. I want clarity and respect - for me, my agent and the supporters. For the fans, I just want to thank you because you have been affectionate and respectful towards me and appreciated my work. If I have to leave, you will always be in my heart because at Inter I made a dream come true. If I remain, I will use all my power and all my heart to help Inter win."

If Guarin's still for sale, Inter won't be thrilled with him going public here. I've been pretty unconvinced that a Guarin move would be a good one since we've been linked to him, but if him throwing a fit drives the price down, it would certainly be nice.