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Spurs successfully appeal Danny Rose's red card

Spurs will have a left back against Hull.

Jamie McDonald

Justice! Or something.

Danny Rose will be able to play versus Hull City after the FA upheld Spurs' appeal of his red card.

Rose's red card was about as close to a 50/50 call as you'll find. Did he get the ball or the man first? It was really, really close, and even the referees disagreed. Andre Mariner was ready to wave play on, but his assistant called for the penalty/red card and that's what we got.

Getting Rose available is huge considering they don't really have another decent option. Jan Vertonghen is still out, leaving an out-of-position Kyle Naughton as the presumed choice to replace Rose, had the left back been out.

Of course, Spurs could go out and buy another left back, but, you know what, nevermind.

Rose is going to play this weekend. Justice has been done or something silly like that. All is not depressing in Spursland.