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Spurs winger Liverpool's Konoplyanka backup plan?

Nacer Chadli is linked to Liverpool because lol transfer deadline day.

Paul Gilham

Dispatches from #batcountry is a series at Cartilage Free Captain where we take a look at football transfer rumors found on the vast plains of the internet, and then tell you why you shouldn't believe them. Some consider it picking low-hanging fruit. We consider it a public service, and an education in why you should not believe anything you read or see on TV. Today, some hilarity from Sky Sports News.

They're reporting that Liverpool are interesting in signing Tottenham Hotspur winger Nacer Chadli, though they did not indicate whether they will try to sign him on loan or on a permanent transfer. Liverpool are probably a bit desperate for a winger in light of the news that Yevhen Konoplyanka will probably stay with Dnipro.

It's difficult to envision a world in which Tottenham Hotspur would agree to strengthen their main rival in the chase for top four. Even if Liverpool are going to pay Spurs a premium and allow them to make a massive profit on a player they bought just six months ago...why? Seriously, would Spurs sell a good young player to their biggest competitive rival?

This is a Sky deadline day special. The rumor will be shot down by the very people reporting it within an hour or two of them first mentioning it. We are officially in #Batcountry.

Unless Levy has gone absolutely bonkers.