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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 6, 2013

The return of the king. Okay, maybe not king, but I am certainly nothing less than an Archduke. Which I guess means that I will be assassinated by an anarchist walking out of a sandwich shop. Franz Ferdinand is my favorite band.

Clive Rose

Happy Monday, Spursland! Today is a return to business as usual around her. No longer will you be subjected to the walking talking humanoid embodiment of the stiff British upper lip. He did a great job, if this was a blog during the reign of Queen Victoria, but it ain't. This is the high flying, fast paced world of Prince George of Cambridge. For God's sake, we are in Season of 3 of Sherlock. You gotta modernize this stuff, Ed!

And now the "news"

Wenger Claims Wallcott's Gesture Was Not Offensive- The Guardian

Hell has frozen over. Like literally my current location is hell and looking out my window and the Pennsylvanian ground is covered in ice and snow so I shouldn't be that surprised to find myself agreeing with Captain "No Hands In The Pockets." If you think holding up the score of the game is insulting then I invite you to write a strongly worded letter to every stadium, professional or otherwise, in the world and implore them to refrain from turning on the scoreboards any time the team you like is losing. This is part of being an adult living in a society that values free speech. If someone is giving you just a boatload of shit, which I am proud to say the Spurs supporters were at the time, you get to give them a little shit right back. And if you can't handle that then I suggest you find another society to live in that puts more restrictions on what people can say. I hear North Korea is nice this time of year.

And more than that, it ain't hard to find pictures online of the coins collected from the field our fans shamefully threw at him.

Harry Says Johny Vertical is "Perfect" For Man City At £40 Million- Here In This City

Early onset Alzheimer's is so tragic, isn't it?

Lewa Signs Pre-Contract With Bayern, Will Leave Dortmund For Free- SB Nation Soccer

Sucks for the boys in black and yellow. You know who it doesn't suck for? Unattached fans that just like seeing dynasties of the level that the Empire would have had if Luke hadn't blue-eyed the Death Star. All 8 of them. Yes, Cowboys/Yankees/Liverpool fan, Lebron is a big fan of these types of things.

West Ham Make Small Children Cry- SB Nation Soccer

That is like saying Edward F. makes small children cry. We know, we get it, stop beating a dead horse man.

Dennis Rodman Assembles "Dream Team" To Take On The Best Team The Guy That Fed His Uncle Alive To Dogs Can Assemble- SB Nation

There are times when words are not necessary..

I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By A Bigot And Two Cowards- Deadspin.

Well this shouldn't ruffle any feathers in Roger Goodell's office. (For the non-Americans, this will ruffle every fucking feather within 300 miles of The NFL head man's office)