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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For January 7, 2013

Serial killers and other things football related.

Michael Regan

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Want to see a preview of how Lewis Holtby will celebrate his nuptials once science creates a creature perfect enough to be worthy of him? This guy gives you a sneak preview.

And now the "news"

Charlie Adam Claims He Has No Reason To Defend Spurs Tackle- Sky Sports

Yes, I think Gary Ridgeway said something similar about all those girls he picked up in his pick up truck.

Men Who Carried Walcott Off The Pitch Who Were Pelted By Coins Are Spurs Supporters- Guardian

So don't throw coins, you infants.

Walcott Out For The Season, World Cup- SB Nation Soccer

We will endure your terrible blood spinning/break out the cow placenta jokes in the comments. And I do mean endure them.

West Ham Offer Crying Child Seat In The Director's Box- SB Nation Soccer

When watching a disaster you want to do it from a bird's eye view.

Chelsea Won't Be Sending Juan Mata Out On Loan- We Ain't Got No History

The forecast for this Juan-uary calls for plunging temperatures and a large amount of tight faces on the Chelsea bench.