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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 8, 2013

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links

Michael Regan

Happy Wednesday, Spursland!  The last weeks since AVB flew the coop seem to me to b a return to normalcy for Spurs. The high flying fast paced back and forth style that either carries us to glorious victory or agonizing soul crushing defeat has returned. So have some of the tactical and formation  decisions of the Spurs of yesteryear. And I was thinking about this when it occurred to me that we haven't really done very much in the transfer window since it has been opened.  Oh a few loans of year away from being stars youngsters have happened but nothing major. NA-da though occurred to me.  What if our transfer strategy is returning to the old ways as well. Gone will be the drama-less deadline days we have sen so many of consecutively. A return to our glory, a return to what we are good at, a return by golly gee wilikers to the Daniel levy jet flying limousine riding players stealing wheel'n deal'n son of a gun.

And now the "news"

Three Clubs Linked To Gomes Fabricates His Agent-Sky Sports

Hype FC, Made-Up-Stuff Town, and Not(ts) True County are the clubs linked too.

Police Investigating Coin Throwing By Both Arsenal And Tottenham Supporters, As Well As Antis Semetic Tweets-Guardian

Good investigate the people throwing stuff.  That is a crime I can get behind, but the police should not be in the business (in my opinion) of running around making sure people aren't saying mean things.  No matter how mean aggressive or plainly being the most damning supporting evidence that the Cro-Magnon man still walks amongst us with his tiny tiny brain.  Free speech means sometimes people say things you don't like.  Because there is no restrictions on it.

UAE Doesn't Allow Player Into The Country To Play because he Is Israeli-SB Nation Soccer


Moyes Claims Referees/Illuminatti Are Conspiring Against Man United-SB Nation Soccer

Here let me help you pick that up, you seemed to have dropped your jaw on the floor as you read that.

Olympic Skeleton Racer Has The Scariest Helmet-SB Nation Lookit

Meh, it isn't a pile of baby spiders that suddenly run towards you.  Yawn.

It's Time To Delete Mickey Mantel From The Hall of Fame-SB Nation

This is a must read, for three reasons.  You may have assumed but you never had any idea what giant pieces of shit all the old time baseball hero's were and this seems like a list of things so long that the author hast to skate over things like a guy coming out of the bullpen in the World Series just wasted, just so this thing doesn't turn into a novel.  And 2, because if you aren't American it will introduce you to the second biggest douche bags in all of professional sports writing.  Baseball writers.  The only people who are bigger douche bags are each paper's bigwig sports columnists, think the talking heads you see on around the horn, or Jay Marriotti.  At least those guys are really big time and earn big money.  baseball writers are if anything more catty, more nit picky and just as big prima donnas only with no reason to be.  And three this article brings slut shamming to new levels as it shames the ever loving shit out of these sluts to the cult of Baseball.