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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for October 10, 2014

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Ian Walton

Happy Friday Spursland! Andros scored yesterday, so we will be forced to listen to people arguing he should start for, what? Another 6 weeks of him constantly giving the ball away? Yeah, 6 weeks seems about right. The Law of Andros speculation takes after an unscientific thing about groundhogs. And that's science.

And now the "news"

I almost signed Suarez, says exactly who you'd think-Telegraph

I know I should be mad about this, but I am not exactly sure why.

Spurs to be gazumped by Barca for someone!-Here Is The City

We gotta bring gazump back into every day usage.

Slovakia stun Spain-SB Nation Soccer

Spain is so "over" these days. Like grunge music, or soup. Heads up the cool kids are no longer eating soup.

Is Rooney going to be England's "best" goal scorer?-SB Nation Soccer

NO, Because Gary Lineker is someone who existed.

Milner to sign new contract-Bitter And Blue

To be honest, when was the last time he played for them and it wasn't because of an injury?