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Hoddle of Coffee for Monday, October 13, 2014

Salmon Chase is either sick, drunj, or dead. Either way, it's the Menno of Coffee this morning.

Bryn Lennon

Good Monday morning, Spurs fans. The international break sure does suck, doesn't it? You know what else sucks? The knowledge that Tottenham's next match is at the Etihad against the reigning champions of England. Wheeeeeeeeee!

Here are your headlines for today.

Spurs willing to swap Soldado for Huntelaar - K%ckoff

I love this rumor. First, it presumes that we're willing to sell Soldado in the first place. Second, it involves Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, whom Spurs have been linked to in every transfer window since I began to follow Spurs in 2007. Third, it says we're considering swapping a 29-year old Spanish striker for whom we paid £29m for a 31-year old Dutch striker who Schalke is reportedly willing to sell for £3m.  Finally, it comes from a website called "K%ckoff." Baaaaaaaaaaaaaatcountryyyyyyyyyy!

Spurs linked to every striker under the sun

The media has determined that we need a striker. So therefore, we are currently linked for January moves for everyone. Not only Huntelaar, but Ante Rebic, and now Wissam Ben Yedder (my mother was a Yoder, so maybe we're related?). Meanwhile, Harry Kane is off in the background with his mouth open wondering "Why not always me?"

Rumors suggest Baldini is out, Sevilla sport director Monchi in - THBN

I don't have strong opinions about this other than that if he's hired expect a new fan chant based on this classic 1980s commercial to ring from the White Hart Lane terraces.

Luke Shaw and Eric Dier played ping pong - Daily Mail

England U21 duty sure is fun, isn't it boys?

When a flag is more than a flag - Dear Mr. Levy

Certain segments of Spurs fandom are upset that there has been a "gay Spurs flag" hung at the past couple of home games. I say, read Spooky's nuanced article, as he hits this one out of the park (just don't read the comments if you want to avoid cro magnon football fan perspective). Also, give the Proud Lilywhites Twitter feed a follow. Let them know they have support. Kick homophobia out of football.

FC Barcelona supports Catalonian independence - SB Nation

There's a lot to unpack here. Barca supports Catalonian independence because of course it does. If Catalonia votes to secede (and if Spain lets them and they are internationally recognized) it could send political shock waves throughout Europe. Plus, La Liga says that they'd kick Barca and Espanyol out of the league if it happens, which could mean either the imminent creation of a European Super League, or that Barca would forever dominate the two-team Catalonian Premier League. Or nothing would happen and this is all political posturing. Good times, everyone.