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Tuesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for October 14, 2014

Jan Kruger

Happy Tuesday Spursland! And before you guys start in, please put down your pitchforks and torches and hear me out. I may be on the masthead (did they ever actually put me on the masthead?) but that does not mean I am on their side. I say this just because after witnessing everything that went down here yesterday, it's pretty clear I need to pick a side. Everyone needs to pick a side and frankly I am not above pandering to the masses.

I stand with the people, Soldado should be starting every game!

And now the "news"

Yedlin Hopes For January Move-Sky Sports

We will need reinforcements at the wing, and in case you didn't find out over the weekend the dude is a winger, after we sell Lamela to whoever Martin Jol is managing for 5 bucks or whatever it is we do with our good wing players before they peak.

Iceland Beat The Dutch 2-0, Or Course Our Jilted Lover Scored For Them-Here Is The City

See what I did there. Like I said, I'm proud to pander.

Mario Gotze Ain't Taking The Media's Bullshit-SB Nation Soccer

Welcome to your knew home Mario, you just took up residency in the very center of my heart.

Essien Responds To Stupid Twitter Ebola Rumors-We Ain't Got No History

For the record nobody on staff has Ebola, But I may have given Skipjack swine flu on purpose last weekend.

Chelsea Almost Won The WSL Title, Then This Happened-SB Nation Soccer

This is so good it makes me want to stop kicking balls. I'll never do anything this good ever, even by accident in FIFA.

Dog invades Pitch, Turns Down For Belly Rubs-SB Nation Soccer

If you are going to turn down for anything, it better be at least a belly rub.