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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links October 2, 2014

I'll take "Things you didn't want to know about Jurgen Klopp" for $2000, Alex.

Ian Walton

Happy Spursday Spursland! So coming into today everyone is hurt or injured.  Ok, like four guys but I reeeeaalllly like those guys.  They were like my little talismans to keep the pain and suffering that is the modern human experience away in the darkness of the night.

And now the "news"

Dier Wants it Loud For Europa League Clash - Here In The City

Dier went further to add:  "Come on lads, you ain't gonna have flares so you'll really need to step your game up or the visitors will drown you out."

Spurs Fans Changes His Last Name To White Hart Lane - Mirror

I love his justifications, one of which was that he "doesn't mind a bit of banter."  Mostly because I assume the second this was published that Skipjack felt his left toe tingle.

Gala Fans Are Intense, Some Would Say Heated - SB Nation Soccer

Word play jokes. Just saying I got that club in my bag.

Klopp Describes That One Time he Watched Porn - SB Nation Soccer

The camera was placed underneath a glass coffee table then someone sat on it and I got the feeling that something major was about to happen...

Players File Lawsuit Disputing World Cup Being Played On Turf - SB Nation Soccer

What's dumber, a summer World Cup in Qatar, or A World Cup played on turf?