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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 20, 2014

So let's just ignore that and focus on the pain of others.

nobody talk to me, I already know
nobody talk to me, I already know
Michael Regan

Happy Monday, Spursland! Wasn't that nice? We got that out of the way early in the season and now we can focus on playing teams like Sunderland, or Preston, or Biggleswade Town FC. You know, real English football. Get it? Because the Scrooge McDuck club isn't like a real English team because they have money, and superstars, and style.

And now the "news"

Frustration for Chadli After Defeat-

Apparently our drubbing by City isn't a big enough story considering Sunderland just let in eight. I really had to go all the way to the team's official website to find something today. It was either this or you watch Younes Kaboul blandly answer questions form Spurs' social media person. It's gonna be a long day guys, bear with me.

Redknapp And Taarabt Deserve Each Other- SB Nation Soccer

A couple of shots were taken at Harry Redknapp in this one and I have to disagree with them. Harry is doing the right thing for the team. I would bet he couldn't ship off such a talented player when you aren't a very good manager and management is like "What? Get rid of our star? But he sells all the tickets" or however they would sound as the villain in an 80's underdog sports movie. So he sits him down, hopes he can get him to improve in practice and just can't, he gets frustrated and hopes a public scolding can shake the kid up enough to at least get him running out of spite.

Boyz II Men Sang A Tribute Song To Landon Donovan- SB Nation Soccer

Of course it was that song, which I believe appeared on that leaked list of Songs-Ten-Year-Old-Kevin-Loved-And-Is-Now-Embarrassed-About. Those were fun tweets to read, eh gang? What, you don't follow the staff on twitter? You should. How else would you have seen that idiot predecessor of mine admit to "a very serious Hanson phase?" I believable he said he got his grades up so his mom would buy him the album. What a LOSER!

Southampton 8-0 Sunderland: Player Ratings- Roker Report

This is your must read article for the next forever, guys.

Depressing Newcastle Stat Of The Week- Coming Home Newcastle

Hey guys! We play Newcastle next! There is hope!.