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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 21, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with Podolski.

Michael Regan

Happy Tuesday, Spursland!

....Podolski, linked to Podolski again.  You aren't even trying anymore, media.

And now the "news"

Podolski Lauhghs Off Spurs Link- Sky Sports

And so do we,, because why would we pay money for him? Go on, tell me one reasonable thing he does better than someone in our regular first team. If you said anything you are an idiot, and that's coming from me. The dumbest guy in the room just called you dumb. How does that make you feel?

Police Arrest Nottingham Man For Flying Drone Over City vs Spurs- Pro Soccer Talk

And the conversion about the morality and ethics of drones starts in the comments in 3, 2, 1.  And Menno getting angry with me after he deletes that entire thread.

Instead Of Pointing Fingers, The Union CEO Should Look At Himself- SB Nation Soccer

I started writing something here then I realized that as a fan of a rival team (that finished first in the East), I wasn't being objective so let me just say this: when you point one finger at someone, you still have three other fingers that you could also be pointing at that person.

Bielsa Celebrated 8th Straight Win At McDonald's- SB Nation Soccer

He does not look like a 20 chicken nuggets kind of guy. He looks like he is cut from the same cloth as me, which means 20 nuggets, large fry and a southern style chicken sandwich, all washed down with a large coke zero. I choose that soda not for the zero calories, I'm not kidding myself, I just think it tastes better now get off my back about it!

Shakhtar's Stadium Damaged Again In Ukranine Civil Conflict- SB Nation Soccer

For more information about how batshit crazy it is over there, just look at our old pal Niko reportedly accepting wages 1/3 of what he was making in Ukraine to come back to England. That or the excellent series of short films from reports from Vice imbedded there.

Kobe Bryant Reportedly Sabataged Lakers Rebuild- SB Nation

I am really shocked by this. I had never heard anything bad about the guy's attitude, right Bill Burr?