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Spurs linked to Konoplyanka. Again.


Alex Livesey

It must be a day that ends in a y because Tottenham has been linked to Yevhen Konoplyanka by a major media outlet.

There is really nothing new in this article, it is basically a collection of transfer buzzwords and phrases. The article even says that Spurs have been interested since AVB's time as a manager. I would guess that his agent is just trying to drum up interest. In fact, if you go hit up google news, in the last month alone, he has been linked with Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal, Roma, Inter Milan, and Serie A in general. Also his father and another agent are disputing who is actually his agent.

I would say that his agent, whoever that may be, is trying to make Kono 2015 happen. Still, we've been connected before and we're connected again. What do you think? Can he fill the Modric Bale Jay Rodriguez role for Spurs?