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Watch Erik Lamela score a rabona goal in Europa League

Soccer - UEFA Europa League - Group C - Tottenham Hotspur v Asteras Tripolis - White Hart Lane

What you’re looking at here is Tottenham Hotspur attacker Erik Lamela scoring a freaking 20-yard rabona goal. He apparently didn’t like his chances of scoring a curler from 20 yards with his right foot and wasn’t in any kind of position to get the ball to his left foot, so he just WRAPPED HIS LEFT FOOT AROUND HIS RIGHT AND SCORED THAT WAY INSTEAD.

I've seen some absolutely brilliant rabona passes before (most of them by Eden Hazard) and some close-range rabona goals, and even penalties, but never anything like this. I've never seen a player attempt a 20-yard rabona shot from the center of the pitch before, and if someone had told me before this game that Lamela would attempt one, I'd probably be really annoyed.

He should just take a regular right-footed shot there, but who cares, because ERIK LAMELA JUST SCORED A FREAKING 20-YARD RABONA GOAL. EAT IT, HATERS.

Here's what Poche thought of the goal. He was SUPER unimpressed.

But Ben Davies? Well, the Tottenham left back had the best view of the goal, and he had a slightly different reaction.


Yeah, that's more like it. This is almost certainly going to end up as our goal of the season.