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Brad Friedel calls Harry Kane "one of the best I've played with"

Brad Friedel is old and has played with a lot of people, so this carries some weight.

Clive Rose

Hey guys? You remember? That one time, when Harry Kane scored a hat trick in the Europa League? And then had to go in goal and scuffed a save that even Gomes could've handled? That was awesome. Brad Friedel thought so too. In a recent interview, our ancient American back-up keeper talked about Kane and what he means for Tottenham Hotspur.

"Harry Kane is the best finisher at the club - I've got no problem saying that," Friedel said. "He's up there just with his finishing as one of the best that I've ever played with. He's got every type of finish - the power, the side-foot, he can chip and he can score from distance.

He's really got the eye for a goal. There is a very bright future ahead of him. On top of all that, he has a very good work ethic."

All things that we already knew about Harry Kane because we've been talking about him for months now. But considering Kane isn't getting starts (yet) in the Premier League, it's nice to hear someone at the club make comments recognizing that Kane is absolutely tearing it up in his appearances.

Friedel has been around the block a few times in the EPL, and he's played with a lot of very good footballers. This is high praise. And after a performance like the one he had yesterday against Asteras Tripolis, Harry Kane now HAS to be in contention to start against Newcastle, right?


[Editor's note: the quotes referenced in this article were made in the context of an interview with Brad Friedel as part of his work with Celebrity Trader, a charitable organization in the UK.]