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Pochettino on rabona: 'I only show emotion at home, and in my bed'


Ian Walton

Stoicism is nothing new to high level football. But in the wake of Erik Lamela's wundergoal for the ages Thursday against Asteras Tripolis, Spurs head man Mauricio Pochettino exhibited the level of emotion typically reserved for waiting in line at the supermarket, paying one's taxes, or connecting to the Internet on a 33.6 baud modem in 1998.

Judge for yourself:

Deservingly so, Pochettino was grilled by the press aimed at his lack of any real outward non-robotic response to the 'rabona'. His answer delivered and then some. Adjust your belt wear accordingly:

"I only show emotion at home, and in my bed."

BRB, need a cigarette.

Though no one expects Mauricio Pochettino to be a picture of perfect emotional transparency at any forthcoming matches -- or anytime soon for that matter -- surely a diving Harry Kane Superman punch on a free kick could muster an exception to the rule.