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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 27, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with Danny Murphy shots.

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Richard Heathcote

Happy ... you know what, screw it. UNHAPPY Monday, Spursland! Yesterday sucked on the pitch. Other people here will write about why because they are smarter than me. But I do know a few things about a few things, and that is how I know that yesterday's color commentator Danny Murphy is a moron.

His demonstrated level of cognitive analysis was on par with that of the puppy at the shelter that can't figure out that eating the goose poop out of the yard isn't a good idea. Like that great bit of analysis when he flat out accused Poche of only playing Lamela because they were from the same country, a ridiculous thought that would occur to nobody. Well nobody except maybe someone who might just value people based on how close to them they were born. Like , and I am just guessing here, Danny "the guy you immediately sold when playing with Spurs in FIFA 2007" Murphy might be one of those people. That's right, this idiot actually played for us for a bit. What were we thinking paying such a footballing mind.

And now the "news"

Poche Questions Spurs Mentality- BBC

And he should, but the problem is obviously much bigger than just a few guys. Spurs have had several complete change overs in personnel in the last 10 years and yet they still fold in the same predictable ways. Does it defy logic? Yes. But it is a recognizable pattern, just like I can recognize that Aaron Lennon being brought into games seldom results in improved attacks. I recognize this pattern because I, unlike Danny Murphy, am not a moron. You know I am not a moron because I didn't call for Lennon to be brought on about a dozen times.

How To Rabona Like Lamela In 3 Easy Steps- Guardian

Step 1: play in a Europa League game because you clearly aren't good enough to play in the Premier League.

Step 2: be from Argentina so your jingoistic manager can select you over an aging play whose only real skill is to run fast.

Step 3: seriously, the guy said things were setting up rather nicely for us AFTER we went down a goal.

Levy Is The Reason For Spurs' Troubles- Telegraph

Such a hot take, who wrote this? It can't be Skipjack because the Ravens and Spurs lost yesterday so he won't surface from whatever alley between Federal Hill bars he passed out in. It's lucky for us the Orioles are already out of the playoffs or we would be searching for him in the morgues. But seriously, this has the title feel of a Skipjack. Maybe he is branching out, writing under the pen name of "Mat Law". But only losers use pen names. LOLZ.

You Aren't Supposed To Be Able To Score And Overhead Goal From There- SB Nation Soccer

I thought the above title was true, but since I am not an expert in physics I had Neil Degrass Tyson and he confirmed it is possible. Because that's what you do when you aren't an expert in something. Unless you are the play-by-play guy from yesterday since the supposed "expert" they stuck you with as your partner was Danny "why didn't they bring on Gazza, okay maybe I haven't seen this team play since I left for Fulham" Murphy.

The Lady Freedoms Are The Champs Of North America- SB Nation Soccer

The Wombat rules, forever. I SAID FOREVER!

Bray Wyatt Returned And We Don't Know What To Think- Cagesideseats

I know what Kevin thinks, but Kevin is wrong. This was pretty good, not a disaster. Oh, the perils of being a mark.