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Tottenham draw Newcastle in League Cup quarterfinals

Spurs-Newcastle 2: The Legend of Poche's Gold

Richard Heathcote

Tottenham Hotspur have breezed into the League Cup quarters without needing to face a single Premier League opponent. That ends in the next round, as Spurs have been drawn at home at Newcastle United. The Magpies are coming off a mildly ironic victory over Manchester City this evening. Newcastle's terrible start in the league was mostly a function of a really bad run of shot conversion (both for and against). Today it was Manchester City who attempted 21 shots, most from the danger zone and several from inside the six-yard box, but were unable to score.

It is an opportunity for Spurs to avenge a very poor loss last weekend. It's also, more importantly, a real opportunity in a Cup. Tottenham will be favored at home and thus favored to make it to a Cup semifinal match. That's cool. Cups are cool.

The other draws did not pair the other Premier League sides against one another. All of Southampton, Liverpool and Chelsea will be traveling away to face lower league opponents. So there is a chance one of them gets upset, but there is not a guaranteed elimination match among the bunch.

Here is the full draw:

Derby County vs. Chelsea
Tottenham Hotspur vs. Newcastle United 2 The Streets
Bournemouth vs. Liverpool
Sheffield United vs. Southampton