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Mauricio Pochettino was mad at Erik Lamela because he spent too long in the bathroom

"Jeez, Gaffer, just give me a minute, will ya?"

Mike Hewitt

Did any of you notice during the second half of today's match that Mauricio Pochettino looked a little peeved? Turns out he was upset that Erik Lamela spent a little too much "quality time" before coming on as a half-time sub for the injured Aaron Lennon.

"I got angry about [Lamela] being late because I was focused," said Poche according to the Daily Mail. "When we arrived at the dressing room they knew about Lennon’s injury so I wanted Lamela on. After that he went to go to the toilet and we had to wait for him to come out."

Look, we all know how important it is to have enough time to finish your business. There's nothing more important in a man's house than his throne. Surely Lamela can be forgiven for being just a tad late – some things just can't be rushed, and as a man who has raised two young children, the importance of getting a little "personal time" can't be overemphasized. Cut the man some slack.

Besides, if the White Hart Lane stalls are anything like at my house, Lamela was probably too busy marveling at the astounding facts in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, or laughing at Calvin's antics when Rosalyn comes over to babysit. He probably just lost track of time. Oh, that Calvin! He's such a naughty boy!

Anyway, it's probably a good thing Lamela scored or he'd really be in Poche's crapper.  Put your own "He's just a s**t Gareth Bale" jokes in the comments.