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Kyle Walker dons the skull mask again for Spurs TV Halloween video

Spooky Kyle was back in the mask to celebrate Halloween during the Brighton match.

Remember last year when Kyle Walker put on a skull mask, hid behind some shrubbery, scared the bejeezus out of his Spurs teammates, and nearly got kung-fu kicked into next week by Sandro? Kyle was back in the mask during the Brighton match, this time to celebrate Halloween for Spurs TV with a bunch of young Tottenham fans in costume.

Probably a safe bet this time around, since his teammates probably wouldn't fall for the same mistake twice. And even if they did, Jan Vertonghen would probably, I dunno, lash out with a wild elbow, tear open Kyle's surgical stitches or something, and injure him for the rest of the season. That would totally happen because Spurs.

Anyway, the kids are adorable, it's Halloween, and you can watch the video below.