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Tottenham Hotspur #ScaryStoriesIn5Words


Nigel Roddis

Happy Halloween. Let's tell Spurs' #ScaryStoriesIn5Words.

  • Welcome to the Emirates, friend
  • David Bentley, former record signing
  • Liverpool are back in Europe
  • Alan Hutton is here now
  • Harry Kane closed his mouth
  • Spurs near deal for Damaio
  • The 2012 Champions League Final
  • Welcome home, Mr. Tim Sherwood
  • Adebayor starts over Harry Kane
  • Tom Carroll on the Bench
  • Help, I'm lost in Woolwich
  • Levy consider supporters trust ideas
  • What if Harry signed Suarez?!
  • Mido found the candy corn
  • Spurs playing, out of whiskey
  • Look at Sherwood's winning percentage
  • Harry thinks Bale is leftback
  • Kyle Walker is at 90%
  • Tonight's score against Manchester City
  • Townsend to take free kick
  • It's about ethics in lineups
  • The return of Old Chirpy
  • I got them on StubHub
  • Modric is not for sale
  • MacAree pledges loyalty to Spurs
  • Spurs fan crushed by expectations
  • ENIC sells to Randy Lerner
  • Can't play United every week
  • 4th manager in 9 months
  • You'll never walk alone, Spurs
  • Archway Steel are real heroes
  • Tom Carroll named England Captain
  • What's for dinner, Mauricio? Lasagna.
  • Your referee today: Chris Foy
  • You're running Spurs' social media
  • Daniel Levy is Gossip Girl