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Tim Sherwood has dumb things to say again, this time about Ryan Mason

Clive Rose

Tim Sherwood is talking again! Or writing. Whatever. It doesn't matter what medium it is, dumb opinions are being shared.

This time, it is about Ryan Mason.

Sherwood started with a only kind of silly notion: Mason can make England's Euro 2016 team. That seems ridiculous after what has essentially been one week of first team matches, but Sherwood did watch Mason plenty in recent years. Even if it was training, maybe he is finally just going to make good on his talent, primarily by staying healthy.

So yeah, that's a questionable statement, but we can buy that.

And then he said this in his Independent column.

His game is not dissimilar to that of a young Steven Gerrard, who I trained with when he was brought into England senior squads for experience. There is not a lot Ryan cannot do.

So let's get this straight: Sherwood thinks that Mason is a lot like one of the best English players of his era ... AFTER A WEEK?!

And of course he made sure to mention that he worked with Gerrard because Sherwood can't talk without dropping in notes about himself and what he has done. Even when what he has done is simply being present.