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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links October 6, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with G.I. Joe.

Ian Walton

Happy Monday, Spursland! Is it weird that when Eriksen scored, Istarted singing the G.I. Joe theme? Like, I am still pretty sure the G.I. Joes are all Americans and he is very much not that. But as I watch that silky smooth, yet powerful strike, I cannot stop my self from continuing the song "real American heroooos, G.I. Joe is therrrrrreeeeee."  This is the type of thing happening in my head ALL the time. It's scary place, not unlike whatever that place Jennifer Lopez was inside of in  The Cell, only with more bunnies, and Sour Patch Kids.

And now the "news"

Koeman Hits Out At Southhamton Fans For Disrespect Of Poche- ESPN FC

Eh (shrugs shoulders animatedly), I think Poche is more like "Guys I get it, I would be pissed too. Knock yourself out."

Spurs Fans React To Eriksen Goal Calling Him Better Than Ozil- Here In The City

Can't we aim a little bit higher?

Totti Accuses Juventus Of Cheating- SB Nation Soccer

I did not watch this game. I did not watch it on TV, nor did I monitor it on Twitter, I did not like it on Instagram and I am certain Juve cheated because this is Italian football and Juve have the money. This is not a big leap to take.

Bitter Wenger Is The Best Wenger- We Ain't Got No History

So Wenger and Jose got into a slight physical altercation, and it caused me to imagine what some sort of MMA for charity fight between the two of them would look like. My first conclusion was that if it happened there would never be a fight in the course of human history where I just wanted the referee to pull out a claw cracker and beat both of them senseless.

Nick Hogan Has iCloud Hacked, Of Course It's Weird And Creepy- Cageside Seats

Presented with an I am not surprised, this family is weird and I bet the people who filmed their reality TV show have some amazing stories they were never allowed to air.