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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For October 7, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with a FIFA break.

Ian Walton

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! And god darn it (apologies for the language), I didn't know it was an international break until yesterday afternoon. This sucks. I mean, not that much I lived most of a day longer without having FIFA's stupid need for friendlies murder my soul. That last statement assumes FIFA breaks murder your soul, which they would if you had to write a stupid Internet Tottenham thing that nobody ever read. #whitepersonwithaninternetthingproblems

And now the "news"

Kaboul Happy Playing Under Old Hero- Sky Sports

You hear that, Poche? He called you old! Ugh, sorry scraping the bottom of the Spurs news that has not already been covered today. I miss Defoe at times like this, or Ledley. Those two were always good for a drunken night out during the down times.

Kaka Returns To The Brazilian National Team, Pato Helps Him Celebrate With An Egg- SB Naation Soccer

See this is what I am talking about. HARD HITTING NEWS BABY!

The World Could Not Have Handled This Dempsey Goal- SB Nation Soccer

Oh shut up and don't tell me what I can and cannot handle, you son of a pig (again, I apologize for the language). Who wrote this malarkey? This feels like a Rosenblatt job. I am telling you, one of these days I am going to get a hold of that west coast ... oh someone I don't know wrote this? Maybe I should just get stuffed.

Pro Football Player Does Things. It Is Well Documented Pro Football Players Really Like Doing- SB Nation

No seriously, it's well documented. Like both parts of this are well documented as happening a lot.

Hateable Person Mike Francesa Fell Asleep Live On The Radio AND TV...Again- The internets

The moment when he wakes up and realizes what happened. Oh lord, I wish i could take that moment and make ice pops out of it and enjoy little tastes of it ALL summer long.