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Spurs hopeful for Kyle Walker return in November

Kyle #1 has been out of commission for seven months but his recovery is now reportedly progressing nicely.

Steve Bardens

Kyle Walker hasn't featured for Tottenham Hotspur for seven months, having been sidelined since last spring with an abdominal injury that eventually required surgery. However, news in the London media today have suggested that Walker's recovery is going quite well and he could be back as soon as late November.

Here's the info, from the London Evening Standard.

Spurs remain cautious about giving a timeline for a possible comeback but it is believed that Walker is encouraged by his progress and is increasingly optimistic he will be available to head coach Mauricio Pochettino by late November.

This would be a really, really good thing, considering Kyle Naughton is reportedly now out for two to three months with an ankle injury sustained in last week's match against Southampton. As it is, Spurs are now desperately thin at right back, and will probably rely on Eric Dier until Walker gets healthy. Realistically, though, there's no real evidence to suggest that Walker will be back by late November, and even if he is he won't be match fit for quite a while after that. My personal guess at the time of the surgery was that we wouldn't see Kyle #1 until January at the earliest, and that's still my expectation.

In the mean time, I suggest Spurs wrap young Mr. Dier in bubble-wrap for the next several months and praying very hard.