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WDR Podcast Mailbag - Curse of the Mailbag

Ask us your Qs so we can give you our As

Bryn Lennon

Spurs - 1 Narrative - 0

We had a pretty good game against Southampton and we're back to break it all down. We'll look at the win against Southampton, how it happened, who made it happened, why it happened, and just how the Freemasons and Illuminati were involved. Expect lots of talk about narrative, Chadli's abs, Lloris' stubble, and maybe some stuff about Eriksen's hair line.

Then we'll bemoan the international break and curse FIFA for boring us for the next two weeks. We'll also look back at a less than successful foray into the Champions League before we turn our eyes to our impending fixture with Manchester City, which I know everyone is super excited about.

Anyway, that'll cover most of it but not all of it. Ask us some questions that can stir up some good discussion and/or uncomfortable conversations that reveal dark, unsettling truths about ourselves. If you dare!