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Wheeler Dealer Radio Podcast - Plans within Plans


Ian Walton

We won a high profile game against our coach's old team going into an international break! What on earth is this? Suck it, narrative.

Anyway, I am back with trusty sidekick Ben Daniels and stat head Michael Caley and we're ready to break down all the action against Southampton! It's a vertiable cornucopia of player evaluations and analysis. Then we look back to Besitkas and take a look at the respective fortunes of Harold and Vladimer. Finally, we take on some listener questions that show just how paranoid some of us (mostly me) are. Stay woke, people. Stay woke.

We're currently working out some technical issues that are keeping us from getting the podcast on iTunes. In the meantime you can listen with the widget above, or download it here. Hopefully it'll be back in your iTunes feed or other feed shortly. We'll keep you all updated. In the meantime, enjoy.