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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links for November 10, 2014

In which Salmon Chase wants to bring back Redknapp.

Save us pork chop cheek kanobi, you're our only hope
Save us pork chop cheek kanobi, you're our only hope
Ian Walton

Happy Monday Spursland! Are you kidding me?  That's what I keep asking myself all day yesterday.  Because I cannot understand how we got here.  But I know how we are going to get out.  Now the usual ideas have all be bandied about since yesterday.  The Levy-Outs, the ENIC-is-to-blames, and the growing in popularity Poche-needs-to-be-sackeds.  Certainly someone will be along in a day or to with a comedy piece not at all subtly mocking the most outrageous among us. I however have a very serious idea that I think will turn this thing around.

I think we should approach PR about a deal to bring back Harry.

Nobody can dispute this team is crazy talented.  But nobody seems to be able to bring that talent out of these players.  Well that is kinda Harry's thing isn't it?  The restore confidence in troubled players, keep it simple (I'm) stupid. type of stuff.  This team needs a healthy dose of fucking run around a bit.  Think about it.

And now the "news"

No Pressure Says Poche-BBC

Are you an infant? Because only someone who's mind is limited in sophistication to the level of an infant might think that. There is pressure.  Especially now that some Internet jackass suggested bringing back old Mutton chop cheeks.

Poche Admits Urgent Need To Improve-Guardian


ACON May Be Canceled Over Ebola Fears-SB Nation Soccer

I have tried, I have spent a solid 2.4 seconds trying to care about this but I can't.  Nobody outside of this continent cares about this tournament.  I imagine even Kevin who I know for a fact watches minimum 50 or so matches a week can't get excited about it.

Carlos Tevez Is Still Good-SB Nation Soccer

Like he might be better than me, maybe.

Kid With Annoying Name Signs With Arsenal-SB Nation Soccer

If I am ever famous my kids are all being named Frank, Jane, and Rick. Just so they really stand out in Hollywood.